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The kayak is an office luminaire with the latest generation of edge lighting, thus combining efficiency and perfect lighting technology with a floating design. Thanks to the range of colours on offer, the graceful design by Busse Design+Engineering fits into any surroundings. Additional functions offered by a modern control unit turn it into our “light-phone” for office worlds, special and smart.

kayak-KYHIL/1200 Micro-prismatic diffuser direct/indirect distribution equipped for light run installation
LED 4600 830
bk RAL 9005
kayak-KYHIL/1200LED 4600 830bk RAL 9005DALI2
Category Suspended luminaire/light run
Type kayak-KYHIL/1200 LED 4600 830 DALI2 sw RAL 9005
Order number 46252026174
EAN number 4020863387144
Commodity code 94051190
Certification mark IP 20, Protection class I, VDU 65°<3000, F, Indoor, CE
Impact resistance (IK rating) IK02
Ambient temperatur ta 25°C
Special properties Ready for IoT
Warranty period 5 years
State funding programs BEG - Federal funding for efficient buildings (valid only for Germany)
Controller Electronic driver DALI2 (1 pcs.)
System output 36W
Mains voltage 230V/50Hz
Circuit breakers (inrush current) 12 pieces/B10
20 pieces/B16
21 pieces/C10
33 pieces/C16
Energy efficiency class/light source C
Placement LED, Colour rendering/Light colour CRI ≥ 80 / 3000K
Colour tolerance (MacAdam) 3SDCM
Nominal luminous flux 4568lm
LED service life 50000h L90/B10 (Tq 25°C)
Luminaire luminous efficiency 128lm/W
UGR lat./long. 16.3 / 15.8
Housing colour black RAL 9005
Dimensions (LxWxH/DxH) 1250mm x 321mm x 24mm
Weight (net) 4.8kg
Type of installation Pendant light strip mounting
Suspended luminaire/light run; Ultra-flat luminaire housing design, painted extruded aluminium profile, visible installation height 10/24mm, prepared for light run installation; Housing colour black RAL 9005; Direct/indirect light distribution, direct share by means of a microprism made of PMMA, homogeneous light emission through lateral LED light coupling in Light Guide panel and semi-diffuse, reflective white coating, with special decoupling technology for defined ceiling illumination; for VDU workstations, omnidirectional glare reduction according to the current norm DIN-EN 12464-1. The light source and driver are removable in accordance with the EU 2019/2020 ecodesign requirements and can be replaced in the factory. Electrical connection via start luminaire with 5-pin connection cable and light-run luminaires with through-wiring. Luminaire can only be operated in conjunction with a single luminaire. Y-wire suspension and luminaire connector are included in the scope of delivery Suspension set with a canopy and integrated light control available separately on request.

Dimensions (LxWxH/DxH): 1250mm x 321mm x 24mm
Placement: LED, Colour rendering/Light colour CRI ≥ 80 / 3000K
Colour tolerance: 3SDCM
LED service life: 50000h L90/B10 (Tq 25°C)
Nominal luminous flux: 4568lm
Luminaire luminous efficiency: 128lm/W
Controller: Electronic driver DALI2 (1 pcs.)
System output: 36W
Energy efficiency class/light source: C
Mains voltage: 230V
Mains frequency: 50Hz
Impact resistance (IK rating): IK02
Ambient temperatur: ta 25°C
Special properties: Ready for IoT
UGR lat./long.: 16.3 / 15.8
Certification mark: IP20, Protection class I, VDU 65°<3000, F, Indoor, CE
Warranty period: 5 years

Regiolux GmbH
Type: kayak-KYHIL/1200 LED 4600 830 DALI2 sw RAL 9005
Article number: 46252026174
Product deep link: https://www.regiolux.de/en/article/46252026174
General warranty conditions: www.regiolux.de/en/Service/Warranty
Cross-section | (QH)
Longitudinal section | (LHH)
Longitudinal section | (LL)
Longitudinal section | (LLHH)
L 1250 mm Length
B 321 mm Width
H 24 mm Height
A1 700 mm Mounting distance single mounting
A2 983 mm Mounting distance 1st luminaire of the light run
A3 1266 mm Mounting distance between luminaires in a light run arrangement
P min 150 mm Minimum suspension length
P max 1900 mm Maximum suspension length
Light technology
Reference LED 4600lm 830
ηLB 100 %
Φ ↓/↑ 74 % / 26 %
UGR lat./long. 16.3 / 15.8
VDU 65° < 3000cd/m²
LVK picture

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