peanut corridor-AGI/1500

peanut – also for damp rooms

With peanut, lighting becomes part of your design. No matter what kind of building you're designing, whether offices, schools or lecture halls, hospitals or shops, all of these facilities and tasks can be solved with just a single range of luminaires: peanut. All peanut luminaries share the beautiful polycarbonate housing with patented maze profile. The omnidirectional housing ensures an indirect lighting share to illuminate the ceiling. The closed and cleaning-friendly surface provides the best luminaire maintenance factor. Your chosen lighting technology is fully integrated into the closed housing and therefore protected from any dirt. We will gladly provide you with further options as concerns the used lighting technology or circuitry on request.

peanut corridor-AGI/1500 Matt diffuser direct/indirect distribution
peanut corridor-AGI/1500
LED 6600 840
peanut corridor-AGI/1500LED 6600 840tzED
Category Luminaire with a higher protection rating/surface-mounted luminaire
Type peanut corridor-AGI/1500 LED 6600 840 ET tz
Order number 52610094180
EAN number 4020863363315
Commodity code 94051140
Certification mark IP 55, Protection class I, F, D, HACCP DIN10500/Food/IFS/BRC, Indoor, CE
Impact resistance (IK rating) IK03
Ambient temperatur ta 25°C
Warranty period 5 years
State funding programs BEG - Federal funding for efficient buildings (valid only for Germany)
Controller Electronic driver (1 pcs.)
System output 47W
Mains voltage 230V/50Hz
Circuit breakers (inrush current) 8 pieces/B10
13 pieces/B16
13 pieces/C10
21 pieces/C16
Energy efficiency class/light source C
Placement LED, Colour rendering/Light colour CRI ≥ 80 / 4000K
Colour tolerance (MacAdam) 3SDCM
Photobiological safety (Luminaire) RG1
Nominal luminous flux 6584lm
LED service life 50000h L80/B10 (Tq 25°C)
Luminaire luminous efficiency 141lm/W
UGR lat./long. 21.3 / 20.5
Housing colour translucent
Dimensions (LxWxH/DxH) 1563mm x 158mm x 76mm
Weight (net) 2.75kg
Type of installation Ceiling-mounted single installation, Mounting rail installation
Luminaire with a higher protection rating/surface-mounted luminaire; Polycarbonate housing, injection-moulded, translucent with patented labyrinth profile, without additional sealing (age-resistant), two outer V2A fastening clips, moveable for drill hole compensation, clip-free mounting of diffuser, impact resistance > 6 Nm; easy-to-clean housing surface; Housing colour translucent; Direct / indirect light distribution, glare suppression due to frosted coating in optic emitting diffuse light; The light source and driver are removable in accordance with the EU 2019/2020 ecodesign requirements and can be replaced in the factory. Electrical connection via 3-pole connection terminal with plug-in contacts..

Dimensions (LxWxH/DxH): 1563mm x 158mm x 76mm
Placement: LED, Colour rendering/Light colour CRI ≥ 80 / 4000K
Colour tolerance: 3SDCM
Photobiological safety (Luminaire): RG1
LED service life: 50000h L80/B10 (Tq 25°C)
Nominal luminous flux: 6584lm
Luminaire luminous efficiency: 141lm/W
Controller: Electronic driver (1 pcs.)
System output: 47W
Energy efficiency class/light source: C
Mains voltage: 230V
Mains frequency: 50Hz
Impact resistance (IK rating): IK03
Ambient temperatur: ta 25°C
UGR lat./long.: 21.3 / 20.5
Certification mark: IP55, Protection class I, F, D, HACCP DIN10500/Food/IFS/BRC, Indoor, CE
Warranty period: 5 years

Regiolux GmbH
Type: peanut corridor-AGI/1500 LED 6600 840 ET tz
Article number: 52610094180
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General warranty conditions:
Cross-section | (Q)
Longitudinal section | (L)
Explosion drawing | (EXP)
Cable entry | (KE X/Y)
L 1563 mm Length
B 158 mm Width
H 76 mm Height
A1 800 mm Mounting distance single mounting
Light technology
Reference LED 6600lm 840
ηLB 100 %
Φ ↓/↑ 87 % / 13 %
UGR lat./long. 21.3 / 20.5
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