changy - Time to change!

The changy is ideal as a glare-free contribution to basic lighting and as a powerful zone light. With the new lighting technologies of the Single Lens/TriZone-Optic executed with LEDiL's YASMEEN lens, the changy delivers outstanding performance in illumination. Requirements for new designs or renovations can be universally accommodated with the adaptability of the ETM drivers and the variety of types. This opens up new solutions for use in projects. When renovating any downlights, the changy offers different options to suit your concept. Time to change.

changy-TBLED 2100-1200 830tw RAL 9016EDM
changy-TBLED 2200-1300 840tw RAL 9016EDM
changy-TBLED 2700-2100 830tw RAL 9016EDM
changy-TBLED 2900-2200 840tw RAL 9016EDM
changy-TBLED 3900-3100 830tw RAL 9016EDM
changy-TBLED 4200-3400 840tw RAL 9016EDM

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