Lyko Warehouse | © Mikael Dubois, Stockholm SE



Lyko has developed into an e-commerce business with continual growth on the Swedish and Norwegian markets. A modern logistics centre with 13,000 m² of floor space and a highly automated warehouse was planned and built in Vansbro to manage this growth. From here, customers are supplied with around 50,000 different beauty products. In its search for efficient and economical lighting for the new central warehouse, the company turned to Regiolux as a reliable partner.

Lyko Warehouse | © Mikael Dubois, Stockholm SE

Thanks to its impressive lighting planning, the local Regiolux sales partner Starkenberg Lighting AB quickly came up with a solution with high lighting quality. The SDT rail system with individual SDGO device mounts offered ideal prerequisites for this. With cutting edge Individual.Lens.Optic it achieves maximum efficiency with optimum anti-glare effect. Three rows of LEDs behind the individual lenses, evenly distributed, ensure a homogeneous, continuous light run.

To guarantee the required luminous intensities in all the warehouse areas of the new building, SDGO device mounts with light flux packages of 12,000 to 14,000 lm and a luminous efficiency of 170 lumen per watt were used. Thanks to the production of custom solutions, Regiolux managed to implement cost savings for the lighting system without loss of quality. Thus the number of light runs was able to be reduced while at the same time still fulfilling the high lighting requirements demanded of the project.


Client Logistic Contractor; Lyko Vansbro, Sweden
Lighting planning  Regiolux, Königsberg, Germany
Installation Hangö Elektriska, Hanko Suomi
Photos Mikael Dubois, Stockholm

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