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The lighting in the atrium follows the linear look that runs throughout the entire building. The SRT light runs hereby emphasise the main traffic axes and support the idea of a flexible use. The lighting designer Stephan Offermann, Manager of the Berlin branch of LADIGES, a system house for architectural lightingthat was commissioned with the technical execution, went in search of a suitable lighting system that could satisfy all of the technical lighting values for the atrium, and at the same time was able to exploit the potentials of digital, smart lighting. In collaboration with Michael Elkan from Ellux Vertriebs GmbH in Berlin, he found an ideal and flexible solution in the quick-fit light runs. The system could be attuned perfectly to the individual requirements since the device mounts can be positioned in a fixed or variable layout and combined efficiently with various lens technologies, different light distributions, module lengths and lumen packages.

On account of the installation height, the atrium required luminaires with high luminous fluxes, a narrow-beam light distribution and at the same time very good glare reduction. Bright device mounts with up to 12,000 lm were used to channel the light down to the ground floor from heights of up to 42 metres. At the same time, the light runs still have an luminous intensity of 500lx on the ground floor and optimum glare reduction (UGR < 19) for computer workstations pursuant to DIN EN 12464-1 on all floors. Their IP54 protection rating makes them particularly sturdy, resistant and low-maintenance units. DALI interfaces allow the creation of zones with different dimming and switching groups, and even a warm-white light colour (3000K) was possible. Thanks to intelligent light management, the light runs adapt flexibly to the desired lighting level -– entirely in keeping with the requirements of the relevant workplace and floor level.


“The new Axel Springer building combines avant-garde architecture with modern working concepts. Light is one of the crucial factors for turning a conventional workspace into an outstanding one. With the aid of an intelligent control system, we have managed to create an atmosphere of well-being – despite the large volume of the room and light intensities this requires – while at the same time fulfilling the legal requirements.”

- Andreas Ludwigs, Managing Director Axel Springer Services & Immobilien

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