• Universal recessed luminaire with different housing designs
  • Multi-layered lighting technology with special microprisms
  • All variants have anti-glare properties suitable for VDU workstations
  • High-quality sheet steel housing with longitudinal aluminium profiles
  • Master luminaire variants in M5S5 and now in LC01, wireless parametrisation
  • B3 emergency light variants



LED Universal recessed luminaire with Human Centric Lighting HCL
and wireless parametrization and easy operation via Bluetooth.

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Modern lighting management made simple

Realise outstanding lighting solutions and complex applications with innovative system components:

The diverse opportunities of the teno with DALI control via Osram DALIeco BT

  • DALI channel controls max. 32 operating devices, broadcast DT6 and DT8
  • Daylight-dependent control
  • Presence function
  • Various operating modes such as single-office, corridor, stairwell can be set and changed
  • On/off/dim via external button
  • Up to 6 DALI pushbutton couplers and DALI sensors can be connected
  • PIR and HF sensors can be integrated via coupler
  • Convenient configuration and simple operation via Bluetooth with free apps

Osram DALIeco BT

Operation via the apps

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