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Regiolux stand by their claim to universal applications and use as a design element, even with LED luminaires that have enhanced IP54 protection ratings. With its stylish design, the protection LED impresses as both a surface-mounted and recessed variant, with different geometric options and dimensions. There is an extensive range of applications for the protection, be these visible T-rails, covered symmetrical trunking or ceiling cut-outs together with high-performance LED modules. This new wealth of forms for both linear and square LED luminaires can be fully exploited during planning. The frosted, opal or micro-prismatic panel ensures optimum light in your system ceiling. 



  • IP54 surface-mounted and recessed luminaire with various lighting technologies and housing designs
  • Direct light distribution
  • Areas of application: Office, commercial, sport/leisure, circulation areas etc.
  • Room types: Conference rooms and meeting rooms, entrance and reception areas, recreational rooms, fitness and wellness areas, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, hallways, foyers, etc.

Video protection LED 

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