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Functional LED light in a new form


  • Universal LED light strip with evenly lit diffuser
  • Wide range of applications in the slim diffuser luminaires area
  • Easy to install thanks to the fixing slide and diffuser device mount
  • Internal and external conduit for easy loop-through wiring

Further highlights in the brochure

ilia LED light strip

Light strips and furniture luminaires such as ilia convincingly solve their tasks in a functional environment when they enable optimum operation. Simple placement, durability and timeless design are also key criteria for ilia's range of applications. Attention was therefore paid to flexibility in connection variants and installation. To make this quick and easy, the practical standards of our luminaire ranges have been continued. Of course, the economic aspects of the ilia are not neglected either. 

Further details on ilia

Type ilia-ILG LED
Lighting technology Diffuser
Light distribution direct diffuse distribution.
Light distribution curve
Mark of conformity Heat filament test 850°C
Protection class I
Protection class 20
Impact resistance IK IK06
Ambient temperature 25 °C
Mounting type Furniture installation
Furniture mounting
Individual surface mounting
Pendant individual mounting
Surface-mounted light run installation
Wall mounting
LxWxH/DxH 1420 x 56 x 66
Luminaire luminous flux max. (lm) 5.255 lm
Luminaire efficiencies max. (lm/W) 112 lm/W
Light color 840
LED life 50000h L80/B10 (Tq 25°C)
Operating devices ED

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