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ballea sports hall luminaire

Always on the ball
  • Experience all kinds of sport with glare-free lighting
  • 5-year warranty and 100,000 h service life
  • With innovative multi-layer lighting technology
  • All-rounder from recessed installation to suspension from a gable roof
  • Simple refurbishment or new installation – including light control
  • Efficient power – CO2 savings with up to 157 lm/W

Fields of application:

  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Three-zone sports halls
  • Indoor tennis & badminton courts
  • Indoor football facilities
  • Fitness rooms & gyms
  • Side & functional rooms


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Varied installation options

Full range of mounting accessories – optimum installation for all lighting concepts

Ceiling bracket

Installation frame

Suspension set

Luminaire connector set

Mounting rail installation

Accessories: roof hood (dust protection & ball deflection)

Options recessed installation

ballea sports hall luminaire

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netlife light control

✔ Refurbishment ✔ Expansion ✔ Conversion
  • Simple light control without additional installation effort, without gateway
    or constructional measures
  • Configure individual luminaires or mesh easily via Bluetooth and app, and build up a network
  • Refurbishment, expansion and upgrading or conversion can be carried out
    with a great deal of flexibility and tailored to needs

ballea flex10L – what light control can do:

  • Motion detection
  • Orientation light function
  • Daylight control
  • Timer
  • Dimming
  • Scenes & switching


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ballea sports hall luminaire



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