SRT trunking system: function modules

Function modules turn light runs into lighting systems

The function modules expand our light runs into lighting systems. If our light power plants – the device mounts – are supplemented by function modules,
the result is a whole new world of possibilities. The 767,5 mm short units develop the light run flexibly according to individual requirements.
They make for highlights in shops, provide emergency lighting, increase lighting comfort or support productive work. netlife light management solutions enable
efficient, stand-alone concepts right through to integrated building management.

  • Area and accentuated light for differentiated goods presentation
  • Different housing colours and 3 module lengths to match the store design
  • 100% variable positioning of the light modules
  • The right accentuated light for every class of goods: colour rendering index CRI > 90 for spot lighting
  • Function modules bring flexibility for smart light management and more
Emergency lighting in the SRT light run system


Emergency lighting in the SRT light run system
  • Plug & play device mount incl. safety luminaire
  • Simple, low-key design, also in IP54
  • LED with area or escape route lens, can be rotated through 90° for adaptation to aisles
  • Integrated protection against theft and dismantling
  • With a choice of single 3 h battery (NL-B3) or for central battery systems (NL-ZB)
  • Light technology: symmetrical lens - extremely wide beam (XB),
    double asymmetrical lens (DA)


Light run + spotlight – combines the best of both worlds
  • Device mount combined with 2 spotty-maxi spotlights
  • Ideal as accentuated and display lighting in shops and retail areas
  • Excellent light quality and a colour rendering index of up to Ra > 90
  • High-efficiency, interchangeable segment reflector of MIRO SILVER,
    beam angle: 30° (standard), 20° or 50° as accessory
  • Device mount module/1500 with Individual.Lens.Optic and 2 spotty-maxi spotlights


For effective highlights
  • Device mount with design-oriented zatta area luminaire for effective highlights
  • Attractive shop and retail applications
  • Lighting technology with Individual.Lens.Optic
  • Even light distribution, homogeneous illumination, omnidirectional glare reduction
  • 3 housing colours for customised shop design


  • Choice of 8 lighting technologies
  • zatta can be rotated through 90°, follows changes of use in retail


Can be combined with emphara, spotty and zatta
  • Device mount with integrated, universal 3-phase track incl. DALI
  • to carry further spotlights for spot highlighting
  • Can be used with all universal track adapters
  • Ideal for combining accentuated and general lighting
  • 100% variable positioning


1 concept – 3 system solutions


  • Completely integrated in the SRT light run system
  • For flexible positioning in IP20 and IP54
  • Scalable solution from simple to complete, from one area to world-wide covering several locations
  • Open to your wishes, from planning through to commissioning
Fields of application


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